Social Media Rule of Thirds

Google The social media rule of thirds couldn’t be a more true and effective rule for social media contributors/managers to work by. What is Social Media’s Rule of Thirds? ⅓ of your social content promotes your business, converts readers, and generates profit.

How to Get Started with a Local Social Media Strategy

Written By: Amanda DiSilvestro March 13, 2014 The reason that social media is becoming such a prominent marketing tool is easy—it appeals straight to the public. Social media is something that consumers can understand and work with, so it’s easy to search

7 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Business

DOWNLOAD the WHITEPAPER – 7 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Business Mobile marketing is becoming vastly more popular and common today making it necessary to businesses to take on mobile marketing for their business. “The mobility hodgepodge is over. Companies are developing strategic mobile initiatives to