Malahat Nation

Malahat Nation Annual Champions Gala Role: Marketing and Communications Lead (Contract) I joined the Malahat Nation team in April of 2015 to lead all Marketing and Communications activities for the 3rd Annual Malahat Nations Champions Gala which happened on October 16, 2015. For

Brentwood College School

Role: Digital Marketing and Website Development Brentwood College School is one of my biggest relationships. I work with Brentwood College on all their Online Marketing needs with the focus of engaging current and past families and students. This includes: Development of 12

Dr. Segals

Role: Social Media Management, Blogging and E-Mail Marketing Timeline: November 2014 to March 2015 During my 5 month marketing campaign with Dr. Segal’s, I was able to kick-start their social media platforms. Working with their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we saw their

Drink Rumble

Role: Marketing and Communications Responsibilities Marketing Communications Public Relations Social Media Management Graphic Design Website Development and Maintenance Promotions and Demonstrations   Descriptions Marketing Communications  Development of key messages for all audiences to communicate our core brand identity. Developed an Integrative Marketing

Social Media Rule of Thirds

Google The social media rule of thirds couldn’t be a more true and effective rule for social media contributors/managers to work by. What is Social Media’s Rule of Thirds? ⅓ of your social content promotes your business, converts readers, and generates profit.

How to Get Started with a Local Social Media Strategy

Written By: Amanda DiSilvestro March 13, 2014 The reason that social media is becoming such a prominent marketing tool is easy—it appeals straight to the public. Social media is something that consumers can understand and work with, so it’s easy to search

7 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Business

DOWNLOAD the WHITEPAPER – 7 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Business Mobile marketing is becoming vastly more popular and common today making it necessary to businesses to take on mobile marketing for their business. “The mobility hodgepodge is over. Companies are developing strategic mobile initiatives to

The Social Media Revolution

This video is for the Social Media skeptics! Social media is still in its early stages of life and most North American business owners are still very skeptical about its benefits for business.  The most important thing to understand about social media

7 Strategies for Sending Traffic to your Website

7 Strategies for Sending Traffic to your Website Sending traffic to your website and turning that traffic into leads is the sole purpose of every digital marketing strategy and campaign.  Most business owners are rattling their brain trying to figure out how

The King and Queen of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Can businesses really make money using Twitter and Facebook? Everyone knows how popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are. Everyone uses them, even parents and grandparents use sites like Facebook to post photos and send messages