Kate Gillie Art

Role: Social Media Management and Marketing I started working with Kate in February of 2015. At the time she only had Facebook and was unsure how to leverage it to grow awareness of herself as an artist. After getting to know Kate

Malahat Nation

Malahat Nation Annual Champions Gala Role: Marketing and Communications Lead (Contract) I joined the Malahat Nation team in April of 2015 to lead all Marketing and Communications activities for the 3rd Annual Malahat Nations Champions Gala which happened on October 16, 2015. For

Brentwood College School

Role: Digital Marketing and Website Development Brentwood College School is one of my biggest relationships. I work with Brentwood College on all their Online Marketing needs with the focus of engaging current and past families and students. This includes: Development of 12

Dr. Segals

Role: Social Media Management, Blogging and E-Mail Marketing Timeline: November 2014 to March 2015 During my 5 month marketing campaign with Dr. Segal’s, I was able to kick-start their social media platforms. Working with their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we saw their

Drink Rumble

Role: Marketing and Communications Responsibilities Marketing Communications Public Relations Social Media Management Graphic Design Website Development and Maintenance Promotions and Demonstrations   Descriptions Marketing Communications  Development of key messages for all audiences to communicate our core brand identity. Developed an Integrative Marketing


Role: Digital Marketing Strategy Development Natalie of RawLala was an aspiring yoga and lifestyle blogger who needed some instruction and strategy on how to create a blog and run it successfully. We worked together to create a blogging and social media management