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Why PubCos Need Social Media

From the Director & CEO

Social media is a virtual watering hole for modern investors. Online investors congregate, collaborate, and share their personal portfolios and daily trading activity across several social media networks in an effort discover and validate their investments.

Not only can you seek out investors on social media based on their investment priorities and habits, you can create your own communities of investors that specifically want to follow and invest in you.

What We Do In A Nutshell

You Hire WHOA! To Connect With Social Investors.

  • Establish a Premium Social Media Presence

  • Create Custom Content and Messages that Connect.

  • Locate and Integrate with Your Online Investor Base

  • Leverage Investor Social Media Influencers and Communities

  • Track Community Building and Engagement

Creating Investor Communities


Your investors want to hear from you and it is in your benefit to communicate with them as directly and immediately as possible. Our goal is to boost investor morale by communicating with them directly and regularly so they feel appreciated and informed.

  • Corporate Facebook Page
  • Facebook Investor Groups
  • Corporate Twitter Profiles
  • Twitter ‘Cashtag’ Management
  • Linkedin Corporate Page
  • LinkedIn Profile Management and Outreach
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Corporate Instagram Profile
  • Instagram Hashtag Tracking
  • Corporate Google+ Profile
  • Google+ Investor Communities

Benefits for your PubCo

Increase Brand Awareness
Developing a premium social media presence that shows your investors you are open for business
SMO allows you to get feedback from potential and real investors to improve the quality of services
Increase Investor Loyalty
Formation of investor confidence in the brand, product, company, achieved through the interaction within the social network
Base of Potential Investors
SMO allows you to build a base of potential investors for further conversion into real investors

Campaign Management Process

Creation and Distribution of Premium Content
News Release Announcements
Formation of Investor Groups
Audience Growth and Engagement




  • Social Media Accounts
  • Custom Content
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Facebook Investors Group
  • Twitter Page Management
  • Cashtag Usage and Tracking
  • Instagram Page Management
  • LinkedIn Page Management
  • LinkedIn Profile Outreach
  • LinkedIn Group Engagement
  • Google+ Page Management
  • Daily Engagement
  • Growing Social Following
  • Goal Setting

Our Social IR Team

 Our Strategy Comes from Years of Experience